Arona: harbor, navigation, fairs and more

Premeno is the perfect starting point to reach, visit and appreciate locations and places of interest in the surrounding areas. One of the most feisty towns, with activities and much more is Arona, a commercial and tourist center of Lake Maggiore that is, at the end of the dat (15,000 inhabitants), the most populous of the entire area. The official head office of the shipping company Navigazione Lago Maggiore, Arona is the main harbor of the lake as well as crucial key point for road and rail communications. Several technical and logistical prerogatives to support a famous past still alive and well.

The surroundings of the town of Arona, in fact, were inhabited since prehistoric times, and eventually became, over the centuries, the place to erect fortifications, barricades and strategic paths to increase the defense and the importance of the territorial communities. The legacy of this work is still visible today, even if not always; what, however, has remained completely intact is the old town, rich in characteristic buildings. Among these, it is important to mention the Church of the Santissimi Martiri, with a Baroque façade and place of the celebration of the so-called Tredicino, the festivity dedicated to the martyrs that falls on March the 13th every year.

In the central part of Arona, then, it is possible to see the Palace of Justice, with its portico with oval arcs, while the neoclassical Villa Ponti is both a municipal asset and the venue for exhibitions and conferences of different kinds. In this regard, it should be remembered that Arona annually hosts one of the most important economic events of Lake Maggiore: the Arona Fair. It started as a trade fair, the event has gradually increased thanks to the growing number of visitors from every part of Italy and Europe. An event with significant social and economic impact, that doesn’t lack the ability to organize and to think big.

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