Cannero Riviera and Cannobio: two locations not-to-be-missed in close contact with nature on Lake Maggiore

In the surroundings of Premeno rise some worth visiting places rich in history, culture and attraction. One of these is Cannero, a small town sited between the mountain and the Lake shores, able to show an amazing landscape beauty thanks to the two small islands on which stunning castles from the 1500 were arise, the so called Castles of Cannero. Inside the town, then, it’s very easy to notice the presence of a luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation framing villas and ancient palaces of a certain cultural-artistic importance.

For the food enthusiasts, Cannero offers an unlimited selection of cafes and restaurants where it is possible to taste every kind of delicacy. Amongst the events during the year, “The Citrus of Cannero” stands out as a unique exhibition, aiming at letting people to know better the centuries old activity of citrus cultivation inside the majestic private gardens. More or less in the same direction goes the “Camellia Exhibition”, also created to show how it was recovered and restored the passion for a flower that has always been a synonym for elegance. In July, then, there is the unmissable playful event called “Lunediluglio Blues”, event allowing to take a deep breath at the blues atmosphere thanks to the ability of the bands performing along Via Massimo d’Azeglio.

Cannobio is another place of the Lake Maggiore to keep in consideration, a small town in front of Switzerland with a high territorial extension. Its remarkable peculiarity in taking care of the surrounding – which helped to earn prizes such as the Touring Club Blue Flag and the Orange Flag – underline the huge historical and architectonic heritage composing the multitude of interesting places to visit. Amongst these it is important to mention: the Sancturay of the Santissima Pietà in Cannobio, whose interior presents one nave decorated with a sumptuous baroque adornment; the Collegiata of San Vittore, also with a single nave embellished with the pipe organ built by Luigi Maroni Biroldi from Varese; the Oratorio of Santa Marta, with its altar in gilded wood; the Palazzo della Ragione, built in squared granite blocks, and the near Torre Comunale, erected with natural stone; the Lion, the majestic work of art by the sculptor Giulio Branca, facing the city south entrance.

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