A hotel in Premeno can be the right compromise for a relaxing and fun vacation, because while the city offers calm and tranquility, immerse as it is in a valley of thick woods, the lakefront is surely the place where events, concerts and festivals never lack to exist, to amuse adults and to surprise children. With games, sports and fun, you can start to discover the Borromean Islands, the three small islands sited between Stresa and Verbania, animating the Lake Maggiore and making it one of the most suggestive lake all over the world. Isola Bella, Isola dei Pescatori and Isola Madre are open-air treasures, places in which one gets lost in front of views and natural landscapes of indisputable beauty.

Isola Bella, small and perfectly refined in every part, is today a blooming garden in which rare plants and exotic animals live in complete freedom. Founded by Vitaliano VI Borromeo, the island includes the royal Palace, a Baroque palace that seems almost to be suspended over the water.
The masterpieces inside the palace are just one of the many reasons which bring visitors on the Island, because the garden is the true symbol of a territory with such an important history. Sculptures, architectonic decorations and rare plants make the baroque-inspired Italian garden one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy.
Isola dei Pescatori is today the only island to be inhabited by groups of descendents of the fishermen that decided to live in the quiet of Lake Maggiore. Small and containing a few multistory houses, Isola dei Pescatori has a small square and a few long and narrow alleys, with just one church, the Parish Church of Saint Vittore.
Isola Madre is quite bigger, actually the biggest of the Verbano islands, with several gardens among the most beautiful in Europe.

On the island arises an ancient palace, property of the Borromeo family that today is open to the public and that encloses some of the furniture from Casa Borromeo and the ancient family chapel. Visiting the palace is like a travel in time thanks to the ancient furniture such as the baroque canopy beds or to the porcelain painted in gold. Not to be missed is the venetian living room, with the walls completely covered in trompe l’oeil, or the room of the little theaters and puppets, perfectly preserved from the 17th century. Those who visit the Isola Madre then, cannot miss the visit at the garden containing, nowadays, some of the rarest plants in the world.

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