Pursuant to and by effect of art. 13 of Italian legislative decree n° 196/2003 (the Privacy Code) relative to the personal data given to Hotel Moderno, the holder of the website www.hotelmoderno.biz and which will be subjected to processing, the Customer hereby acknowledges and expressly approves the following.

Data acquired
The personal data acquired are only those provided by the subject concerned by filling in the registration form for access to the service

Processing purposes
The personal data will be processed and used for the accounting and administrative management of the agreement or service, including reports and accounting registrations, the execution of contractual agreements, compliance with the obligations of law or EU regulations, provisions issued by authorities entitled to do so and by supervisory and control bodies, the execution of contracts with suppliers, the transfer of goods and the performance of services, as well as for compliance with the obligations of the articles of association and contractual and regulatory obligations falling within the sphere of the Hotel Moderno business activity. These include:

  • forwarding to the person concerned informative or advertising material and business communications, which may also be interactive;
  • the performance of activities aimed at the sale or placing of goods or services;
  • the development of studies and statistical research on sales, customers and other matters and marketing activities.

The data provided will be processed and conserved by Hotel Moderno, with registered head office in Italy – 28818 Premeno, via Tresoldi Lorini 1, as contemplated by Italian legislative decree 196/2003 for the above purposes and for future agreements that may be established, unless the person concerned expressly revokes his/her authorisation for processing.

Processing methods
The data are processed by any operation or series of operations included in those specified by art. 4, section 1, of Italian legislative decree 196/2003, and the processing is carried out with the aid of electronic, automated, telematic or manual tools; the data supplied will be archived on magnetic support or in hard copy format, always in respect of the minimum security requisites contemplated by law, and they may be disclosed to employees, consultants and lawyers outside the company appointed to process the same, for aspects which may regard the data and for the administrative management of the contract and for compliance with tax laws.

Data conferment
The subject concerned is free to confer his/her personal data.

Refusal to confer the personal data
If the personal data are not given, it will be impossible to provide the on-line sale services of the site www.hotelmoderno.biz.

Data communication
The personal data may be communicated to employees, external consultants, accountants, lawyers, banks and service and consultancy companies.
Within the sphere of its own activity, Hotel Moderno may confer the data supplied also on third parties engaged to carry out activities directly connected to and instrumental to the performance of the Hotel Moderno services or with which it has stipulated business agreements in pursuit of the distribution or development of the services to be performed

Data holder and data processing manager
The Data Holder is Hotel Moderno, with registered head office in via Tresoldi Lorini 1, 28818 Premeno (Verbania – Italy). The Data Manager is the director pro-tempore of Hotel Moderno who, for the purposes of Italian legislative decree no. 196/2003, has domicile at the registered head office of Hotel Moderno in Italy – via Tresoldi Lorini 1, 28818 Premeno (Verbania). Any information can be forwarded to: info@hotelmoderno.biz.

The rights of the subject concerned
Art. 7 of Italian legislative decree 196/2003 grants the following rights to the subject concerned:

  • to obtain confirmation of the existence of the personal data regarding the same, even if not yet registered, and their communication in an intelligible form;
  • to obtain indication of the origin of the personal data;
  • to obtain indication of the processing purposes and methods;
  • to obtain indication of the logic applied in the case of processing with the aid of electronic instruments;
  • to obtain indication of the identity data of the data holder and of the data processing manager and of their representatives pursuant to art. 5, section 2 of Italian legislative decree 196/2003;
  • to obtain indication of the subjects or categories of subjects to which the personal data may be communicated or which may gain knowledge of the same in their capacity as representatives, managers or appointed subjects;
  • to obtain the updating or correction of the data or, when opportune, additions made to the same;
  • to obtain the cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form or the block of data processed in breach of the law, including those which need not be conserved for the purposes for which the data have been acquired or successively processed;
  • to obtain a declaration testifying to the fact that the operations referred to in the preceding two paragraphs have been communicated, including their content, to those to which the data have been communicated or distributed, unless this is impossible or involves the engagement of means that are clearly disproportionate to the right protected;
  • to entirely or partly oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of the data regarding the subject concerned, even if pertinent to the purpose of the acquisition;
  • to oppose the processing of the personal data of the subject concerned, when it is carried out for the purpose of sending advertising material, for direct sales, for market research or for advertising.

The data supplied can be checked on request and can be updated and/or corrected by forwarding a letter or fax, or also by e-mail sent to info@hotelmoderno.biz. The cancellation of the personal data supplied can be requested by the same means.

If Hotel Moderno is requested to cancel the personal data supplied, the Company will satisfy the request without delay without further notice and/or communication. If the data cancelled are necessary for the services provided or for agreements concluded, such services and agreements will also be cancelled immediately.
Hotel Moderno invites its Customers and all those who access and use the Hotel Moderno website to also read carefully the information note on the on-line protection of privacy contained in the General Website Access and Use Conditions.