The Rocca Borromeo di Angera: a beauty strongly defending Lake Maggiore

Those who will stay at the Hotel Moderno in Premeno can start to discover all the fantastic attractions offered by the Lake Maggiore area. Majestic places rich in history, able to give another facet to any kind of vacation. Looking at the area, it is impossible not to mention the Rocca d’Angera, a building which, together with the Archeological Civil Museum, makes the small town a place to visit from top to bottom.

Sited on the southern shores of Lake Maggiore, the Rocca d’Angera was one of the main checkpoint of the area in ancient times. Its particular strategic position on a hill of limestone, allows it to dominate the Alps, a definitely useful glimpse just in case a threat would come from over the Alps. The defensive structure of Rocca d’Angera shows its Longobardic origin as a fortress for defense and control; the current city walls, instead, date back to later periods thanks to the work of the Visconti and Della Torre families. The interior of the Rocca d’Angera is mostly known for its Hall of Justice, perhaps the most important piece of civil painting of western Middle Age, and the Doll Museum, a unique place of its kind able to gather the dolls and toys collection of Princess Bona Borromeo; this characteristic makes it, without any doubt, one of the most important site in Europe. Another wing of the Rocca is reserved for the Museum of Infant Apparel, with clothes made between the 1800s and the first half of the 1900s. It appears evident how the Rocca d’Angera is a place of interest where the wonder and fascination of discovery are everyday events. A magical, enchanted place, where the luxurious medieval gardens highlight at best the importance of a military structure that made the history of the Lake Maggiore area.

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