There are many choices for different motorbiking itineraries at the lake. One of the most popular is the route from Verbania passing through Intra, Cannero Riviera and Ghiffa. This track is about 50 kilometers long and gives you the possibility to ride on either new roads with excellent grip, or venture on little old roads with uneven surfaces. On another note, the tour will lead you to many points of interests including the ferry port of Intra (Imbarcadero), the balcony on Lake Maggiore of Piancavallo, the little churches of Verbania, such as San Vittore, San Giorgio (located in Cannero Riveria) and the famous sanctuary of Trinito in Ghiffa.

Another itinerary that takes you around the whole lake is from Ghemme to Arona which is 91 kilometers long. The road’s surface is good and the rider can have fun on thrilling turns while always having a good grip. The points of interest of this itinerary are, the Basilica of San Giulio by the Lake of Orta, the church of Sant’Ambrogio in Omegna, the wine cellar of the Saints of San Silano, the botanical garden of Stresa and the statue of San Carlo Borromeo in Arona.

Finally there is an interesting itinerary from Intra (taking the SS34 road which goes all the way to the Swiss border) to reach the Alps of Valle Cannobina. The views that the landscape offers are the best gift you can have from this kind of experience. During the trip you can see the lake intertwine with the mountains, medieval castles and many 19th century style villas that are majestic with their Italian style gardens. After Cannero Riviera you should visit Cannobio, it is easy to reach and it is a beautiful little antique village. Then you can continue forward to the Alps on the SS631. Thanks to the turns in this road you get the feeling you are in a magical land, something like the Scottish highlands.

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