Verbania Pallanza: The roman city on the shores of Lake Maggiore

There is no place over the Lake Maggiore that has more charm and magnificence than the town of Verbania Pallanza. Its villas, the panorama, the art and the atmosphere prevailing all year long make it possible for this town to become the true symbol of all that can be admired on the shores of Lake Maggiore.

From the Hotel Moderno in Premeno it is easy to reach Verbania, and the lake town is only 10 km away from the center of Premeno if one goes through Intra, a residential complex that together with Pallanza is part of Verbania town. A trip in Verbania might help to join together tastes and expectations of all the family, because other than the many arts places of importance, often the town is the key point for a lot of different initiatives, fairs and events for adults and children.
The lakefront of Verbania is one of the most beautiful because the Borromean Islands can be admired in all their magnificence, becoming part of the area. In the old town center, alleys and tiny streets lead through the heart of the town, that used to be divided into two cores: the villa and the piazza. Founded by the Romans, Verbania still has the typical resemblance of the Roman urbs, with the dwellings positioned higher compared to the level of the lake. The villa was the part in which the houses and the churches stood, especially in the medieval age.

The piazza, better called the lake front, today is filled with majestic villas such as Villa Giulia, the house built by Bernardino Branca, the entrepreneur known for his famous liqueur factory, that is often used for fairs and exhibitions. Those who arrive in Verbania to take a walk on the lakefront, then, can not miss a visit to the Museo del Paesaggio and to the two buildings Reinassance style: the Palazzo Viani-Dugnani and the Palazzo Biumi-Innocenti.

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