Villa Bernocchi: the charm of the English art on Lake Maggiore

Those who will decide to discover the Lake Maggiore and its territory, can star right from Premeno, the city surrounded by nature, sited a few steps away from the lake and most of all near the Switzerland territory. Other than museums and arts representations inside the several ancient villages of the area, the Villas are the symbol of the majesty and richness of the Lake Maggiore territory. Many noble families such as the Visconti, the Sforza and the Borromeo chose this area to build their summer residences, thanks to the knowledge of able architects and brave artists able to give to every family’s Villa a typical imprint and a true soul.

Inside Premeno rises Villa Benocchi, a villa dated back on the first years of the 1900, built thanks to the Bernocchi family, an important name for the Italian industry of that time. Patron of the textile industry, Antonio Bernocchi during the second half of the 1800 and in the first half of the 1900, was able to build a veritable empire and his villa, designed by an architect pupil of Camillo Boito, was the symbol of the greatness and the importance of the Family. The Villa, today, is property of the municipality of Premeno and it is often used for events and important shows. During summer, then, when the park is completely blooming, the view that a visitor has of the villa and of its garden represents a true landscape Eden. The park of Villa Benocchi is open for the public from spring till autumn and all those who will stay at a Hotel in Premeno can not miss the visit at such a wonderful park.

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