Villa Taranto and its gardens: a unique heritage

People who visit the Lake Maggiore territory know that it is extremely rich, both from a naturalistic point of view and from a landscape and natural point of view. On the shores of the lake, in Verbania, it is sited Villa Taranto, a villa with such beautiful gardens, that are considered even more fascinating than those in Versailles. The villa was built in 1875 and it was designed by the architect Augusto Guidini, that gave a Renaissance line to the whole building. Today the villa hosts the Prefecture of the Verbano Cusio Ossola Province and, consequently, it is not open to the public. The gardens of Villa Taranto, instead, are open for the public from March the 19th to November the 2nd and there it is possible to observe some rare flowers growing in this area thanks to the mild climate and the fertility of the soil, due to the lake proximity.

Other than nature, inside the gardens there are statues and fountains, some of them in English style, built when, during th1 1931, the Captain Mc Eacharn chose to dedicate space and cares to the garden of the villa, transforming it in an artistic masterpiece. After several years, Mc Eacharn gifted the Italian State with his property, and today his grave is preserved inside of Villa Taranto, in a mausoleum dedicated to him.

It is impossible to list all the species of flowers and plants all along the 7 km of paths of Villa Taranto, but amongst hydrangeas, tulips, orchids, azaleas, camellias and lotus flowers, every walk will be triumph of beauty and scents. Other than the typical visit to the garden of Villa Taranto, there are several events organized inside the park. The Tulip Week is one of the most important events in Verbania and it happens during the second week of April, every year, with many different qualities of tulip on display, including the amazing and rare black tulip.

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